A Soldiers Prayer

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 10.24.13 PMHere is a very popular prayer that we have shared with our troops who have received care packages over the years.  Please feel free to share this prayer by: Spc. Rick Scammon – Sadr City, Iraq, 2008
Heavenly Father,
Lord watch over us as we go on our way, put a hedge of protection around us as we do your work. Give us wisdom to make the right call and the right move. Lord, guide my hands to shoot straight when the time comes and give me courage to do what it takes to ensure my buddies to my left and to my right come home safe. Lord, if it be Your will that I come home to you soon. I pray I go quickly, with little pain and that I rid this place with as much evil as possible. Protect my family as I would do. Lord, give them peace that I am in a better place and I pray… I PRAY, that I picked this job for the right reasons. Lord I place my life in your hands, do with me as you will. I am your servant and your follower. In Your merciful, precious and Holy name…. Amen
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Thank You email from a Battalion Chaplain Assistant

FBCN CrossJune 10, 2013

Dear Tony and Members of Operation Soldier Care at First Baptist Church Naples,

My Chaplain, Captain Will and I, want to say thank you for all the care packages you have recently sent us!  It is very clear that a lot of thought was put in to providing high-quality items that our Soldiers can really enjoy.  I especially like the 100% waterproof Bibles; that’s a cool innovation that I was not aware of. We appreciate the difference YOU all are making for us over here. May God bless you all!


SSG. Nathan

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Thank You email from Douglas

military flat rate boxMay 13, 2013


Just wanted to let you know the boxes all showed up and they were awesome!!  The stuff you all send is great as we are about 40 minutes away by armored vehicle to the nearest camp with a PX and its hard to travel much around here.

Hope all is going well back there and thanks again to you and your team for the awesome support you give us…..


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Thank You email from SPC Dennis

Afghanistan MapMr. Zawacky,

I received your care package today. I want to thank you very much for your support and for all the stuff you sent me. I will make sure to share these treats with the fellow soldiers that our here with me on my deployment. We are in Afghanistan and we work together with Afghan and Pakistan military to secure the border. This has been a great experience for me and I thank God every day for giving me this opportunity. I hope to attend a service at your church when I get back home.

Thank you again for your support.

U.S. Army, SPC Dennis

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Operation Soldier Care – What it takes

Operation Solider Care takes a lot of wonderful people who donate their time to package up the boxes that are sent to our fighting men and women deployed overseas.



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