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Finishing Our Mission Strong

Operation Soldier Care (OSC) has been faithfully sending care packages to our soldiers serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf area for 15 plus years. Care packages have been sent every six weeks until a soldier completes his/her tour of duty.

Funding for OSC has been based 100% on donations. God has met our needs over the years through the generosity of people like yourself who care about our troops.

Though, after much prayer we announce that the Operation Soldier Care Ministry will be shutting down operations on June 2019 after our final shipment. We request that no further donations be sent in.

OSC will continue to accept new troops names serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria through June 25, 2019.

With the decision to shut OSC down along with the upcoming troop withdrawals from Syria and Iraq we are at peace that this is the right time to finish our mission strong and on a positive note.

Ecc 3:1 says and it certainly fits here, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”

Thank you and may God bless you for supporting the Operation Soldier Care Ministry!

Tony Zawacky

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OSC 123rd Packing Session

The OSC Ministry is pleased to report that the 123rd packing session on Saturday, April 7,2018 for the troops went smoothly and was a huge success. All of the care packages will be shipped to their final destinations in the following countries: Afghanistan (47), Iraq (34), Kuwait (6), United Arab Em. (6), Korea (2), Persian Gulf (1) and Poland (1).

Our shipment breakdown had 97 boxes for 88 soldiers in the U.S. Army and 9 in U.S. Air Force. This shipment is a little larger than we have had in the past.

We feel blessed and give praises to God for all that He’s doing through our Operation Soldier Care Ministry for our troops!





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Welcome Home Daddy

Once in a while Operation Solider Care learns that one of our deployed soldiers we supported has returned home safely to a wife and his first child.

Deployments are typically up to 12 months. If a soldier deploys during their child’s tender months then they are missing out on so much. Yes, the email and phone calls do help. Skype does too if you are lucky to have that available to you.  Truly there is a sacrifice for them missing out on the day-to-day milestones like a baby’s first tooth, first steps and first words such as “Da-da” are gone.

It’s times like this that we are reminded of the sacrifices of those servicemen and women who have served, and who are still serving on foreign soil. Their call to serve and protect comes with a sacrifice that can not be made up.

We at Operation Soldier Care would like to say “Thank you” to all those with families making the sacrifice for us and our country.

May the Lord God bless you all until you return home to your families!


Welcome Home Daddy!



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OSC Stats Update

Our beautifully crafted OSC Christmas stockings for the troops were made by Laura and Lauren Paul along with their family members and friends.
















The OSC Ministry is pleased to report the stats for our care packages for November and December 2017, in addition to the January 2018 mailing.

During these three months we continued to send packages to 43 troop members deployed to the following countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Poland, Qatar, South America, Germany and the South Pacific.

Our shipment breakdown had a total of 241 boxes going out, which included 36 bibles and 286 tracts. With the Christmas holiday we tend to have higher numbers for cards and letters. A total of 1,020 cards and letters went out during this time. We also shipped 60 handmade Christmas stockings with candy in the December’s boxes to the troops. They are always a big hit too!

These shipments weighed in at a total of 2,773 pounds with a cost of $12,167 with funds to spare.

This has all been done with the help of faithful partners, BLG’s and individuals who have given time, money and talent to support our ministry.

A big thank you to everyone and I give praises to God for all that He’s done!


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Christmas Stocking for the Troops


Each Christmas we have faithfully sent Christmas stockings to the troops. This mission could not be so successful without the very talented hands of Laura and Lauren Paul, along with their friends and family members. Year after year the troop care packages and stockings count has fluctuated, but Laura and Lauren’s steadfast faithfulness has not.

For Christmas 2017 they crafted 60 handmade stockings for our troops overseas. The sight of them all hanging was too amazing not to share.

Thank you ladies for using your gifted hands to support our troops at Christmas. This is a blessing not only to our soldiers but to our OSC Ministry here at First Baptist Church Naples.

God bless,




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OSC 118th Packing Session

Stars For The Troops were included in our August care packages.

The OSC Ministry is pleased to report that the 118th shipment for the troops went smoothly and was a huge success. All of the care packages have arrived to their final destinations in the following countries: Afghanistan (55), Iraq (12), Korea (1), Kuwait (3), Poland (2), Qatar (3), South America (3), Germany (1) and South Pacific (1).

Our shipment breakdown had 81 boxes going out with letters, 15 bibles, 92 tracts,  and each had a “Stars For Our Troops” that was supplied by the Major Stuart Adam Wolfer Institute http://www.msawi.org/

A big thank you goes out to American Gold Star Parents, Len and Esther Wolfer for the “Stars For Our Troops” and to OSC volunteer and Blue Star Mother, Joan Colosimo for her coordinating efforts.

American Gold Star Parents, Len and Esther Wolfer are the proud parents of MAJ Stuart Adam Wolfer who was KIA on April 6, 2008 in the Green Zone, Baghdad, Iraq

The shipment weighed in at 932 pounds with a total cost of $3,857 with funds to spare for our remaining three shipments for 2017.  This will be helpful when it comes time to send our final shipment out at the end of November for Christmas. All the financial help this year has really made a big difference.

But wait, there’s more good news! There were two milestones OSC had reached in August 2017. The first milestone is that for this packing session we officially had adopted our 1,300th soldier. That’s hard to believe, but so very true. As troops returned home others have gone out and the names had continued to come in. Our list keeps growing too!

The second milestone happened on August 23, 2017. On that day Operation Soldier Care celebrated 14 years as a ministry of FBCN. Yes you read that right.  Fourteen years! We could not have accomplished this milestone without all the help of faithful partners, BLG’s and individuals who have given time, money and talent to support our ministry. You all have been a blessing to our troops. You all have touched lives all over the world. Because of you I am so very grateful, and wish everyone many blessings in return for their generosity.

At this moment in time I am feeling thankful and give praises to God for all that He’s done! Amen.


OSC Volunteer & Blue Star Mother Joan Colosimo (left) with Claudine Scialdo Ehlers (right), the American Gold Star Sister of U.S. Army Marc A. Scialdo, 31 of Naples, FL who died March 11, 2013 in a U.S. Army helicopter crash near Kandahar City, Afghanistan. Marc was a Staff Sergeant in the 603rd Aviation Support Battalion.

OSC Special Care Package Team


OSC Custom Forms Team

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Stars For Our Troops

American Gold Star Mother Esther Wolfer & American Gold Star Father, Len Wolfer. Parents of MAJ Stuart A. Wolfer

American Gold Star Parents, Len and Esther Wolfer are the proud parents of MAJ Stuart Adam Wolfer who was KIA April 6, 2008 in the Green Zone, Baghdad, Iraq.

The Wolfer family has not allowed their son, Stuart’s, voice to be silenced. The Major Stuart Adam Wolfer Institute (MSAWI) was established so that his legacy of leadership, commitment to his country and community service will continue to live on and to inspire future generations of children, adults and leaders. The MSAWI website can be found at http://www.msawi.org

MSAWI has a special project that is truly touching lives in a beautiful way. Their “Stars For Our Troops” project takes worn, used American Flags and turns them into a prized possession for our Armed Forces and Veterans. They are using the “stars” from retired flags and giving them to our troops and Veterans as a special recognition for what they are doing or have done for our country. Stars are being created and distributed by the 100’s.

Each star is placed in a protective sealed bag with a note to the soldier or Veteran. The note reads:

I am part of our American flag that has flown over a home in the U.S.A. I can no longer fly. The sun and wind have caused me to become tattered and torn. Please carry me as a reminder that you are not forgotten.”

For the August 12, 2017 Operation Soldier Care packing session OSC volunteer & Blue Star Mother, Joan Colosimo, coordinated Stars For The Troops to be placed in all of the care packages going out to our deployed soldiers and Marines. This was a first for OSC and we hope to do it again in future packing sessions as new soldiers get added to our packing list.

Our care packages have successfully arrived to their destination points. We pray that the troops will be blessed by this beautiful gesture of “Stars For Our Troops” from Len and Esther Wolfer. We also pray that the Wolfer’s commitment to our troops continues to spread and inspire future generations.

God bless and many thanks to Len and Esther and to Blue Star Mother Joan Colosimo for a successful mission accomplished!

By His Grace,


MAJ Stuart Adam Wolfer, KIA April 6, 2008 in Baghdad, Iraq

Operation Soldier Care included Stars For The Troops in our August 2017 packing session

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OSC 115th – 117th packing for the troops

The OSC Ministry is pleased to report that the shipments for 115th, 116th and 117th packing for the troops were a huge success. All of the care packages have arrived to their final destinations in the following countries: Afghanistan, Diego Garcia, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Poland Qatar, South America and Yemen. Amen and blessings to our troops on foreign soil!

Our shipment breakdown had 198 boxes going to Army troops, 19 boxes to Marines, 6 boxes to our Navy troops, and 19 boxes to USAF troop members.

In the 242 care packages we included 24 bibles, 302 tracts, and 242 cards and letters. Each care package definitely helps lift the troops spirits as they serve our country away from family and friends.

All together the three shipments weighed in at 2,783 pounds with a total cost of $10,872.00 with funds to spare for our remaining 2017 shipments.

Please continue to pray for our troops as the heat of the summer is upon them. Work can’t be easy so prayer is a definite need at this time.

Until next time, we continue to give all the praise and glory to God as He provides for our troops! In Jesus name we pray.




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OSC 111th and 112th packing for 2016

Ho-Ho-Ho and Merry Christmas Troops

The OSC Santa and his elves are pleased to report that the November 3 Thanksgiving shipment and December 2nd Christmas shipment are in route to their destinations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany, Korea and Diego Garcia. We can’t wait until the soldiers see their handmade Christmas stockings that were included for each of them.

It was a very busy packing session since we had lots of extra goodies to add in each box.  In the 154 care packages we included 154 Tracts, 456 Christmas cards, and 80 letters. They will definitely help lift the troops Christmas spirits as they serve our country away from family and friends.

Together the shipments weighed in at 1,772 pounds with a total cost of $4,987.00 with funds to spare for our 2017 shipments ahead of us. Thank you Lord!

As we wrap up 2016 I reflect on all the work that goes into the Operation Soldier Care Ministry. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful volunteers and supporters throughout the year.   I send warm wishes along with many thanks to all of the faithful hands from all our volunteers.  You are a blessing, and I appreciate that you have chosen to serve the men and women serving our country so that they see that they are remembered by the folks back home. It’s been a great year thanks to you!

God bless and Merry Christmas all!


Laura Paul (left) and Lauren Paul (right) our Christmas stocking artists and makers

(Left to right) Volunteers Joan Colosimo, Lee Haddix, Claudine Scialdo Ehlers, Gold Star Father – Marshall Scialdo, Rick Ehlers

Volunteers Claudine Scialdo Ehlers (left), Jackie Scialdo Nelson (center), Sarah Christensen.


Chad Coleman (Iraq & Afghanistan war vet) on left and Bill Conti (Vietnam vet) on right

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Thank you FBA 5th Graders and K4 Preschoolers


With great enthusiasm the First Baptist Academy 5th graders adopted soldier, Master Sergeant Moss. This Christmas he was sent 10 boxes with items that children collected and packed themselves. I guess you could say Master Sergeant Moss will be very popular as he shares his Christmas goodies that the FBA 5th graders selected for him.

Many thanks kids for your efforts and in coordinating this photo for Master Sergeant.  He’ll love it!  You all did an awesome job!

First Baptist Academy 5th Graders

 The Spirit of Giving Continues

The FBA Pre-K kids and parents teamed up to put together 9 care packages, which were sent to three troops in Afghanistan as part of our Christmas shipment. Many thanks to the FBA Pre-K kids, teachers and parents that made this happen…fantastic job!

First Baptist Academy K4 Preschoolers

The kids dressed up in their RED, WHITES and BLUES to show their patriotic spirit for the troops. They also included a Thank You letter in each box along with their photos.  We know the troops will appreciate the picture and their Thank You letter for the Christmas holiday. Way to go K4!

Jennifer Crossan – First Baptist Academy K4 Students

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