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OSC 102nd Packing For The Troops

Shipment 102 at the post office

Shipment 102 being delivered to the local post office.

Our 90 boxes from the October 31, 2015 packing session have successfully begun to arrive to their destination.  They are just in time for Thanksgiving!

The shipment weighed in at 990 pounds at a total cost of $3,640.79. We included 15 bibles, 102 tracts, 50 Christian magazines and 90 letters.

We distributed 78 care packages to soldiers stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The remaining 12 boxes were delivered to soldiers located in East Africa, Kosovo, Gitmo, S. Korea, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

Mrs. Davison’s First Baptist Academy 5th grade class packed care packages for the soldier they adopted who is serving in Afghanistan. Ten of their boxes were shipped with our November shipment and their remaining eight packages will ship in early December for Christmas. Mrs. Davison’s class collected all of the items and packed the boxes. They did a FANTASTIC job! Their soldier will be truly blessed Continue Reading →

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OSC salutes and thanks Leonard Bellin, Jr.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 4.32.33 PM

U.S.A.F. Veteran. Sergeant Leonard Bellin, Jr.

The Rare but Precious Moments

Each day there are fewer and fewer Veterans from WWII that remain among us. The men and women who fought and won the great conflict are in their 90’s.  According to the U.S. Veterans Administration these Veterans are dying at the rate of approximately 492 per day.Surviving WWII Veterans

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to personally know one of these amazing men or women, and our chances are really getting slim. Nowadays I guess you could say it would be a rare but precious moment if you cross paths with a Veteran who served in WWII.  Even more rare to cross paths with one who served in both the Korean War and WWII.

Well at Operation Soldier Care we have been blessed to have many of these rare and precious moments with one truly amazing man who we all are very proud to know.  He’s our very own Leonard Bellin, Jr.!

On Saturday, October 31st OSC had the honor to thank Len for his service to our country and present him with a U.S. Armed Forces Thank You coin. We are very grateful for his job well done as he served as a Sergeant in the Army Air Forces, which later then became the United States Air Forces.

Cake and punch were served during our packing session.

Len plays an inspiring role in our ministry as he volunteers time to serve our deployed soldiers by packing care packages. He pulls his weight and then some!  We are grateful to have him with us each packing session.

We are also grateful for what he and his generation of soldiers have done for our country. We know our country would be much different today if it were not for men like Len. Saying “thank you” just does not seem enough but it’s the least we could say to express our gratitude.

We ask OSC volunteers and our church family at First Baptist Church of Naples to pray for a safe trip for Len as he attends the next Collier County Honor Flight with fellow Veterans to Washington, D.C.  to visit those memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices.

Thank you Len and may God bless you and the Greatest Generation!









5 - Cert of Appreciation

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Len Bellin WWII and Korean War Veteran Supporting the Troops

One Amazing Veteran Serving Our Troops

Our United States Veterans are amazing men and women without a doubt. There are moments when you can truly be inspired by their deep love for country that is woven with love and respect towards fellow Veterans and active duty soldiers. Well I had one of those “inspired” moments today while I was with one amazing Veteran.

Packing Session 101

Veteran Len Bellin's note he included in one of the care packages in our 101th packing session.

Veteran Len Bellin’s note he included in one of the care packages in our 101th packing session.

This afternoon Operation Soldier Care had its 101th packing session and we were truly honored to have Len Bellin, 89, World War II and Korean War Veteran volunteer his time to come support our deployed soldiers. Len jumped in with heart and soul to help assemble care packages. He kept a steady packing pace until the final box was filled.

This packing session we had a total of 83 boxes. They will mainly ship to troops deployed in Afghanistan.

Towards the end of the packing session Len asked if he could drop a personal note into one of the boxes he had packed.  Of course I could not help but smile when I read the note he had placed into the care package. I also could not resist sharing his note with everyone to read too.

“I now salute you.”

Like I was saying — “United States Veterans are amazing men and women …..”, and Len Bellin is truly one amazing 89 year old Veteran. He inspired me and can inspire us all to remain true and humble to the men and women on the frontline.

God bless Len Bellin! God bless all of our Veterans! And God bless our troops — we salute you!


Blue Star Mother, Joan Colosimo with WWII and Korean War Veteran, Len Bellin

Blue Star Mother, Joan Colosimo with WWII and Korean War Veteran, Len Bellin

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