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OSC 102nd Packing For The Troops

Shipment 102 at the post office

Shipment 102 being delivered to the local post office.

Our 90 boxes from the October 31, 2015 packing session have successfully begun to arrive to their destination.  They are just in time for Thanksgiving!

The shipment weighed in at 990 pounds at a total cost of $3,640.79. We included 15 bibles, 102 tracts, 50 Christian magazines and 90 letters.

We distributed 78 care packages to soldiers stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The remaining 12 boxes were delivered to soldiers located in East Africa, Kosovo, Gitmo, S. Korea, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

Mrs. Davison’s First Baptist Academy 5th grade class packed care packages for the soldier they adopted who is serving in Afghanistan. Ten of their boxes were shipped with our November shipment and their remaining eight packages will ship in early December for Christmas. Mrs. Davison’s class collected all of the items and packed the boxes. They did a FANTASTIC job! Their soldier will be truly blessed Continue Reading →

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