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By Spc. Rick Scammon

Sadr City, Iraq, 2008

Heavenly Father,

Lord watch over us as we go on our way, put a hedge of protection around us as we do your work. Give us wisdom to make the right call and the right move.

Lord, guide my hands to shoot straight when the time comes and give me courage to do what it takes to ensure my buddies to my left and to my right come home safe.

Lord, if it be Your will that I come home to you soon. I pray I go quickly, with little pain and that I rid this place with as much evil as possible. Protect my family as I would do.

Lord, give them peace that I am in a better place and I pray that I picked this job for the right reasons.

Lord I place my life in your hands, do with me as you will. I am your servant and your follower.

In Your merciful, precious and Holy name…. Amen

Spc. Rick Scammon, Sadr City Iraq - Summer 2008

Spc. Rick Scammon, Sadr City, Iraq
Summer 2008