To all those who may find this website: These programs DO NOT EXIST.

(We have fabricated fictitious programs and services to show as an example. Your organization will obviously have your own. We wanted you to see what this page might look like).

Soldier Care serves all active duty, deployed military members and veterans from all branches of the military. Our programs include:

Operation Sky Blossom

Operation Sky Blossom is our program providing a safe parachute of care to deployed military. Through this program, service members can receive:

Care Packages

Every month, volunteers gather to put together care packages for deployed military all over the world. Any deployed military member can receive packages. Contact us to tell us about someone you want to receive them.

Letters of Support

We match deployed soldiers with people who want to communicate with them to offer moral support.

Emergency Relief

Sometimes, a deployed military member has emergencies at home that need attending. We are here to help.


Our Homelanders program supports military members and their families in coming home and being home again. Through this program we provide:


Soldier Care builds homes for military families and provides home-maintenance types of services when needed. To be considered for a new home, contact us to fill out an application.

Emergency Rental Assistance

If you are having trouble paying rent, contact us.

Home Healthcare

At-home services for wounded military.


Our Unforgotten program is designed to serve all veterans and their families by providing services that enable them to continue to lead happy, healthy lives. Through this program, veterans can receive:

Mental Healthcare

Through in-person or virtual assistance.

Homeless Shelter

Emergency homes for veterans.