The Prayer Shawl Ministry of FBCN

Our Bible verse is Psalm 90:17: “Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us and establish the work of our hands, yes, establish the works of our hands.”Prayer Shawl FBCN 01

The Lord has really blessed this ministry by allowing us to provide shawls for many people and many purposes. Though we feel that we are truly blessed to be a blessing to others, especially our precious military families. The Lord has given us the opportunity to provide 128 prayer shawls to wives and mothers of our Operation Soldier Care Ministry’s soldier as of July 2013.

From an Army Wife:
“I received a prayer shawl from you a week ago. It was truly God’s timing. Understanding deployment is sometimes hard for those who are not in it at the moment to understand the struggle we face on a day-to-day basis. A Shawl…what a perfect, thoughtful gift. As I wrap up in it, shed a few tears and prayed for my husband, I am so thankful for the support and love that I feel knowing that you have taken the time to pray over and make this beautiful gift.”

From an Army Mom:
“I want to thank you for the prayer shawl you made and sent to me—your package and prayers came at just the time I need it. God had used you to encourage my husband and me—God is so great—he knew that this day I would need to be encouraged and he used you—thank you and God bless you.”

From a Marine’s Mom:
“Thank you so much for the beautifully crafted shawl from the Prayer shawl ministry and the much needed letter of encouragement. It brought a flood of tears to my eyes to receive such a thoughtful and caring gift.”

For more information about the Prayer Shawl Ministry of FBCN please call Brenda Hein 239-495-9272.

Prayer Shawl Gathering