Important note for your startup organization from Commulinks:

We strongly advise you to invest in fundraising software immediately to connect to your new website and start your organization off well. We recommend Kindful for its ease of use, diverse integrations and pricing. Kindful is now part of Bloomerang, which also has their own fundraising software. However, there are others like Donor Perfect (pricey, less functionality, harder to use) and some smaller vendors. The remainder of this page is dedicated to what your donation and volunteer efforts would like like.

Your cash donations are essential to our ability to provide support for our clients.

Donate Goods

If you would like to donate goods that serve our soldiers and their families, here is a list of things we currently need. Please contact our donation coordinator D[email protected] to discuss when you can deliver your donation.

Building supplies



Soldiers Helped

To date, we have helped 1,000 soldiers and their families, thanks to your donations.

Future Plans

In the next year, we plan to increase the number of soldiers served by 10% and to implement a new program that will benefit family members which soldiers are deployed.