DSCN0236From SFC Ebony in Afghanistan:  

On behalf of myself and my platoon I would like to say thank you for the box you sent . . . I share anything I receive with the rest of my soldiers . . . the days that mail are delivered are always great days.  The day we received your package the dining facility was closed for repairs and when we opened your box with Ramen noodles inside, it was right on time . . . it’s the little things that can make a soldier’s day better and the box you sent was just that.

From Sgt Luis:

I would like to say thank you for the boxes of goodies the church has sent throughout the year. I can tell that OSC puts a lot of effort to finding out what service members love to snack on overseas…I would also like to thank the members of the church who have written the very kind and thoughtful letters.

From CPL Dominic:

I would like to thank you for making a difference not only in my life, but for those soldiers I am responsible for…when you are over here deployed away from all you know and love, it tends to feel like your on another planet. Whenever I received one of your packages I split it with my soldiers, its like Christmas…someone out there still remembers that we are still here, alive and fighting. A little piece of home in every box.

From Sgt. Crystal in Iraq:

I just wanted to say that we are very thankful to have people like you and your church that go out of their way to send care packages. We really appreciate them and for those who do not receive packages at all it makes a big difference. Thank you & FBCN for making such a difference in our lives.

From MSGT Dickey in Afghanistan:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I‘m honored and humbled by the love & thoughtfulness of so many, so far away. My deepest gratitude for the care packages and spiritual nourishment as well. Please let it be known to all that labor in love, that real people, real souls are at the receiving end of the care packages and seeds are being planted that, Lord willing, will bloom into all of eternity.

From a group of soldiers in Iraq:

Greetings from Iraq. We just want to send you a very special thank you for all of the packages you have sent to our soldiers helping them through this deployment. There is no way we could thank you enough for your unwavering support of our troops. Your packages have warmed the hearts of many and have put smile upon smile on their faces and in there hearts. So from our hearts to yours—thank you.

From Maj George in Iraq/Iran border:

There are times where I and my team feel like we are on the edge of civilization as it is so remote and desolate in most of the areas that we are responsible for. It was a wonderful surprise to have a box waiting at my door this morning and I wanted to thank you and your team for thinking of me and my team. The goodies get spread out amongst everyone so it is always an exciting day when the mail is delivered.

From Maj George in Iraq:

Please let everyone back at OSC know that your support is really keeping the morale up here in Iraq. Just wanted to let OSC know that you brought another huge smile to my face today. I received the Christmas stocking today with my name on it and have it hanging up in my room now to get me in the spirit of Christmas.

From SCW Shawn in Afghanistan:

Thank you for all of your support over the past few months. This is my 4th combat tour and each has provided me with a different challenge. Among the things that helped me drive on was what Mom had told me many years ago: ‗No matter what challenge you face, the Lord will always give you the tools to overcome.‘ I can say that I have witnessed first hand the difference that we have made in the lives of both the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. It truly makes a difference when you can see the fruits of your labor. The care packages that your organization send are a true Godsend. I love the Bible that you included in this package. Thank you again for your support.