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Finishing Our Mission Strong

Operation Soldier Care (OSC) has been faithfully sending care packages to our soldiers serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf area for 15 plus years. Care packages have been sent every six weeks until a soldier completes his/her tour of duty.

Funding for OSC has been based 100% on donations. God has met our needs over the years through the generosity of people like yourself who care about our troops.

Though, after much prayer we announce that the Operation Soldier Care Ministry will be shutting down operations on August 10, 2019 after our final shipment. We request that no further donations be sent in.

OSC will continue to accept new troops names serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria through August 1, 2019.

With the decision to shut OSC down along with the upcoming troop withdrawals from Syria and Iraq we are at peace that this is the right time to finish our mission strong and on a positive note.

Ecc 3:1 says and it certainly fits here, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”

Thank you and may God bless you for supporting the Operation Soldier Care Ministry!

Tony Zawacky

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OSC Packing for August, September & October

The OSC Ministry reports that the packing sessions for August, September and October have been a great success for the troops. Everything went smoothly.

All of the care packages  have been shipped to their final destinations in the following countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Em., Korea, Persian Gulf and Poland.

Our shipment breakdown had 255 overall boxes weighing in at 2,986 lbs. at a cost of $11,263. These shipments also included 256 bible tracts and booklets along with our last bibles shipping with the October packing.

We feel blessed and give praises to God for all that He’s doing through our Operation Soldier Care Ministry for our troops. We have our last and final shipment for 2018 coming up on Saturday, November 24th. It’s our Christmas shipment where each soldier will receive handmade stockings crafted by our mother and daughter team, Laura and Lauren Paul.


See you all there!



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Honoring Our Six Fallen Heroes

Photo by Andrew Pons on Unsplash

Since the August 2003 birth of the Operation Soldier Care Ministry at First Baptist Church Naples we’ve observed fourteen Memorial Day holidays. With the fifteenth Memorial holiday just around the corner is seems proper to honor our six fallen heroes that our ministry supported.

Each of these soldiers signed up to fight for our freedom and country. Each of them trained and deployed. Each of them served honorably on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

As we honor these brave men and women who died let us also honor their American Gold Star Families for their sacrifice for our freedom as well.

John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”

In Memory Of

LCPL Thomas Echols | KIA on December 4, 2006 | Al Anbar Province, Iraq

SGT Scott Kirkpatrick | KIA on August 11, 2007 | Arab Jabor, Iraq

PFC Richard Burress | KIA on January 19, 2008 | Arab Jabor, Iraq

SSG Marc A. Scialdo | KIA on March 11, 2013 | Kandahar, Afghanistan

PFC James W. Bibb | Casualty of War – February 28, 2015 | Naples, FL

PVT Steven Taylor Hayes | Casualty of War – August 1, 2016 | Naples, FL


I ask that you take time to pray for all the men and women who died. Pray for their families, especially for our six Fallen Heroes.

May God bless those who courageously gave their lives this Memorial Day, and those who continue to bravely fight today for our freedom.






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OSC 123rd Packing Session

The OSC Ministry is pleased to report that the 123rd packing session on Saturday, April 7,2018 for the troops went smoothly and was a huge success. All of the care packages will be shipped to their final destinations in the following countries: Afghanistan (47), Iraq (34), Kuwait (6), United Arab Em. (6), Korea (2), Persian Gulf (1) and Poland (1).

Our shipment breakdown had 97 boxes for 88 soldiers in the U.S. Army and 9 in U.S. Air Force. This shipment is a little larger than we have had in the past.

We feel blessed and give praises to God for all that He’s doing through our Operation Soldier Care Ministry for our troops!





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Welcome Home Daddy

Once in a while Operation Solider Care learns that one of our deployed soldiers we supported has returned home safely to a wife and his first child.

Deployments are typically up to 12 months. If a soldier deploys during their child’s tender months then they are missing out on so much. Yes, the email and phone calls do help. Skype does too if you are lucky to have that available to you.  Truly there is a sacrifice for them missing out on the day-to-day milestones like a baby’s first tooth, first steps and first words such as “Da-da” are gone.

It’s times like this that we are reminded of the sacrifices of those servicemen and women who have served, and who are still serving on foreign soil. Their call to serve and protect comes with a sacrifice that can not be made up.

We at Operation Soldier Care would like to say “Thank you” to all those with families making the sacrifice for us and our country.

May the Lord God bless you all until you return home to your families!


Welcome Home Daddy!



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Thank you Note from Chaplin Aikens


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Thank you note from U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay



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Thank you note from HHC Company

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OSC at the Kingdom Missions

Operation Soldier Care was represented at the Kingdom Missions on January 27 and 28.

Our very devoted OSC volunteers Leta Langavin, Shelly Foulke, Lora Jones and Tina McIver did a great job over the weekend representing the OSC mission. Many people stopped by to see what we do and how we have been helping the troops over the years.

Thank you ladies for your dedication. Mission accomplished!

Operation Soldier Care volunteers (left to right) Leta Langavin, Shelly Foulke, Lora Jones at the Operation Soldier Care table for Kingdom Missions.


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OSC Stats Update

Our beautifully crafted OSC Christmas stockings for the troops were made by Laura and Lauren Paul along with their family members and friends.
















The OSC Ministry is pleased to report the stats for our care packages for November and December 2017, in addition to the January 2018 mailing.

During these three months we continued to send packages to 43 troop members deployed to the following countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Poland, Qatar, South America, Germany and the South Pacific.

Our shipment breakdown had a total of 241 boxes going out, which included 36 bibles and 286 tracts. With the Christmas holiday we tend to have higher numbers for cards and letters. A total of 1,020 cards and letters went out during this time. We also shipped 60 handmade Christmas stockings with candy in the December’s boxes to the troops. They are always a big hit too!

These shipments weighed in at a total of 2,773 pounds with a cost of $12,167 with funds to spare.

This has all been done with the help of faithful partners, BLG’s and individuals who have given time, money and talent to support our ministry.

A big thank you to everyone and I give praises to God for all that He’s done!


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