OSC 115th – 117th packing for the troops

The OSC Ministry is pleased to report that the shipments for 115th, 116th and 117th packing for the troops were a huge success. All of the care packages have arrived to their final destinations in the following countries: Afghanistan, Diego Garcia, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Poland Qatar, South America and Yemen. Amen and blessings to our troops on foreign soil!

Our shipment breakdown had 198 boxes going to Army troops, 19 boxes to Marines, 6 boxes to our Navy troops, and 19 boxes to USAF troop members.

In the 242 care packages we included 24 bibles, 302 tracts, and 242 cards and letters. Each care package definitely helps lift the troops spirits as they serve our country away from family and friends.

All together the three shipments weighed in at 2,783 pounds with a total cost of $10,872.00 with funds to spare for our remaining 2017 shipments.

Please continue to pray for our troops as the heat of the summer is upon them. Work can’t be easy so prayer is a definite need at this time.

Until next time, we continue to give all the praise and glory to God as He provides for our troops! In Jesus name we pray.




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