OSC 113th and 114th packing for the troops

The OSC Ministry is pleased to report that the shipments for 113th and 114th packing for the troops were a success.  The care packages have arrived to their final destinations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany, Korea and Diego Garcia. Amen to that!

It was a great packing session since we had some extra goodies to add in each box. We even had some extra small hands that helped to get the job done. Meet our youngest volunteer Jasmine.  Jasmine is the daughter of one of OSC’s former troops, U.S. Army Veteran Travis Jones, and she is the granddaughter of OSC Shopper & Packer, Blue Star Mother Lora Jones.

In the 144 care packages we included 14 bibles, 158 tracts, and 144 letters. These small little touches to each care package definitely help lift the troops spirits as they serve our country away from family and friends.

Together the shipments weighed in at 1,656 pounds with a total cost of $5,914.00 with funds to spare for our remaining 2017 shipments. We give praises to the Lord for providing for our troops!

As we push thru 2017 we continue to let others know about Operation Soldier Care’s mission. On February 25th, and 26th we had the opportunity to participate with several other FBCN ministries at the Missions Conference in the Commons.

Below is a photo of our table that we had setup in the Commons. We had many visitors to share the good news as to how the Lord is using Operation Soldier Care, a First Baptist Church Ministry to help bless the troops.





A big thank you goes out to our troops, and to all the volunteers and workers behind the scenes to keep this ministry going.

God bless and we will see you next time!


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