OSC 107th Packing For The Troops

I am happy to report that our 83 boxes from the May 21, 2016 packing session have successfully arrived at their destinations.  They are just in time to help pick up the spirits of soldiers just before the summer heats begins.

The shipment weighed in at 954 pounds at a total cost of $3,892.59.  This shipment also marks the 9,000th care package sent to the troops.  With 9,000 packages, this equals 114,158 pounds or 57.08 tons shipped since August 2003.

I give many thanks to all of the faithful volunteers and supporters over the years who have helped make this happen.

To God be all the Glory!


OSC Kenny Stinnett

Kenny Stinnett helps deliver OSC’s care packages to the U.S. Post Office in Golden Gate.

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