OSC 101 Packing For The Troops

OSC VolunteersOur 83 boxes from the September 19, 2015 packing, which was OSC’s 101th packing session, has successfully arrived to their destination.  With this shipment we supported 40 deployed soldiers. Of these, we had 34 Army and 6 Navy soldiers. Army still leads the way in care package requests.

Our shipment weighed in at 996 pounds at a total cost of $3,896.29. This amount covers not only the postage but the care package content and materials for packing; such as the miles of tape to seal the boxes securely for the long journey.

We distributed 78 care packages to soldiers stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The remaining 5 boxes were delivered to soldiers located in East Africa, Kosovo, and Kuwait.

Included in this shipment were 91 tracts/booklets and 40 hand written letters. The hand written notes and cards are always a big hit.

Be sure to read the thank you note post from SGT. Batson and U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Contracting Officer, Daniel Portillo’s letters. They happened to receive a handmade card from Emma in their boxes and thank her in return for caring about them. Way to go Emma!

I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, October 31st. This will be our 2nd to last packing for 2015.  We will have our final packing session on Saturday, November 28th.

Well as they say in the  Air Force  “Aim High … Fly, Fight, Win”,  and we shall continued support the troops and keep this ministry ball rolling.

God bless,




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