OSC 100th Packing For The Troops

Kenny taking care of the assembly line

Kenny taking care of the assembly line

Most of our nation has totally forgotten our troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, but OSC supporters and volunteers have not. The troops are so grateful for all they receive, and that they are still being remembered as they serve in foreign territory.  Many serve with depleted supplies and few care packages from home. For this reason we cannot let them go forgotten…not now…not ever.



Our 89 boxes for the OSC 100th packing session have successfully been packed up and are in route to 44 deployed soldiers. Of these, we had 37 Army and 7 Navy soldiers. There were 37 male care package recipients and 7 female recipients. The estimated time of arrival is around August 20, 2015.

We included 24 bibles in selected soldier boxes. There were also some special specialty boxes that included much needed soap, shampoo, tooth paste and shaving cream for the troops. Certain supplies are tough to come by.  I can only imagine what life would be like without these essential items during a deployment. In the photo below you will see that Susan packed up our specialty boxes. These will truly be a blessing to those soldiers who requested these items from our OSC ministry.

This shipment weighed close to 1,100 pounds. We distributed 90% of the care packages to soldiers stationed in Afghanistan and the remaining boxes were delivered to soldiers located in East Africa, Iraq, Kosovo, Bahrain, Kuwait and Guantanamo Bay.

Susan packing our specialty boxes

Susan packing our specialty boxes

No matter where a soldier is deployed our OSC ministry mission remains the same. “We support the troops!”

I truly appreciate what our volunteers and supporters have done for the Operation Soldier Care ministry to help our soldiers and Marines. I cannot thank you enough for your continued support and your generosity.   Your donation impact has been enormous!  Let’s keep the ball rolling.

May the Lord bless everyone abundantly for your kindness!




Join us in our efforts to support the next three packing sessions in 2015. To contribute go to: Support The Troops


OSC Volunteers for shipping labels

The wonderful ladies who write our shipping labels and fill out custom forms

OSC Volunteers

Volunteers are all smiles when it comes to supporting our troops

Specialty supplies going out with this shipment

Specialty supplies going out with this shipment

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