Christmas Packing for the Troops

OSC Christmas StockingsOur 81 care packages from the OSC 94th packing session will begin to arrive a few days prior to the Christmas holiday to 40 deployed soldiers! We are praying that Santa successfully makes his 1,010 pound delivery by December 18th to our 33 Army, 6 Navy and 1 USAF deployed soldiers.

This shipment will be a big hit since we have included some holiday treats, handmade Christmas stockings and Christmas cards too.

We mailed out 617 beautiful handmade Christmas cards.  Of those cards, 427 were made by the FBCN Children’s Ministry and 190 Christmas cards were made by adults in Bible and Life Groups at FBCN. All of them were very well done and I know that the soldiers will really enjoy the creativity and uplifting messages for their Christmas celebration.

Christmas cardThe 50 handmade military-style Christmas stockings were crafted by Laverne Paul with the helping hands of Laura Paul. As you can see from the photos in our collage each were made with TLC and beautifully done. Great job ladies, and thank you for working behind the scenes to make our Christmas packing extra special for the troops!

We actually closed the December 2014 packing session by adopting our 1,100th soldier and are now at 1,104. It is in His name we give thanks and praise that we have been able to adopt and support soldiers and Marines year after year. I can’t thank everyone enough for their time, love, support, prayers and talent to help keep this ministry strong for our deployed soldiers.  We can now truly say that the OSC ministry has touched thousands of lives on the battlefield and it could not have been done without each and everyone of you, so THANK YOU!

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year too!

Thanks again and God Bless,


OCS Christmas collage

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