OSC 88th Packing Session for the Troops

The 99 boxes from the OSC 88th Packing Session have successfully arrived to 27 deployed soldiers!  Of our 27 soldiers we have 4 officers and 23 enlisted troops. Our soldier and Marine count plus care package count remains steady due to the ongoing need for support even with Operation Enduring Freedom drawing to a close.

Easter Cards for the Troops

Our handmade Easter cards for the troops

Our shipment weighed in at 1,258 pounds with a total cost of $4,162.39! We distributed 35 waterproof bibles, 180 tracts, 55 handmade Easter cards, and 45 Keywi™ scripture cards in our care packages.

The handmade Easter cards were generously crafted by Camille Knotts and her friend Traci.  They both put many hours into making these beautiful cards for the troops.  It’s things like this that truly let our deployed servicemen and women know that they are loved and being thought of during the holiday. The cards are greatly appreciated and I am grateful for Camille and Traci for doing such a wonderful job.

A big thank you goes out to Ursula Brush from Ohio for donating the 100 Keywi™ scripture cards.  http://www.keywicards.com/soldier-project.htm  The Keywi™ cards have very cool desert camouflage skins that protect the Psalm 91 scripture cards on a compact key chain.

Keywi Scripture Cards

Keywi Scripture Cards

For this particular shipment we sent 45 Keywi™’s. We do look forward to hearing back from the troops on how they like this new item. Many of our soldiers are deployed for 7 to 12 months and in some cases even longer, so we try and provide new things to encourage them during their time away from home and family. We hope the Keywi™ is well received!

The truth remains that we do know that our OSC care packages are always well received. From seeing Doug Jarman and his fellow soldiers faces in this recent photo he sent me really says it all. I wanted to share the joy and their “thank you” message with all the many hardworking volunteers and with the individuals and BLG’s who generously donate to the OSC Ministry.

Thank you Doug for taking time out of your day to take a picture and share it with all of us back here at home.   It’s great to see everyone and that you’re spreading the care package joy!

God bless!



April 2014 - Thank you from the troops in Afghanistan

April 2014 – Thank you from the troops in Afghanistan







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