The “Reese’s Cup Mission” for Troops in Afghanistan

Reese's Cup MissionOSC always tries to go the extra mile with requests received from the troops over the years.  Some requests or should I say “missions” we have taken on were not as “sweet” as this one!

Upon OSC learning that deployed USAF 1st Lt. Rachel Donoho had been trying to find Reese’s Cups in Afghanistan for about four months with no luck, we decided to accept the “Reese’s Cup Mission” and purchased and ship over 6 pounds of the milk chocolate delight with our 87th OSC shipment.

The timing and temperature in Afghanistan were perfect too.  As you may know it is not always possible to ship chocolate to a deployed soldier and have it arrive the same way it was sent during the hotter months there.

We are happy to report MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and the delicious peanut butter cups have safely arrived to the base in Afghanistan.  USAF 1st Lt. Donoho writes us:

Dear Mr. Zawacky,

 I just received 6+ lbs of Reese’s Cups from you via Doug Jarman. Thank you so much! I will try to control myself so my troops don’t have to carry me to the hospital in a sugar coma. I will also be responsible and not allow them to enjoy any themselves, because fitness is important!

 Just kidding – we passed them around and everyone was pretty excited. I appreciate the time, money, and energy you put into sending care packages. It really means a lot to the troops to get boxes of goodies on mail day.

 Thanks again, and God Bless.

 Very Respectfully,

 Rachel Donoho, 1st Lt, USAF


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