OSC salutes and thanks Leonard Bellin, Jr.

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U.S.A.F. Veteran. Sergeant Leonard Bellin, Jr.

The Rare but Precious Moments

Each day there are fewer and fewer Veterans from WWII that remain among us. The men and women who fought and won the great conflict are in their 90’s.  According to the U.S. Veterans Administration these Veterans are dying at the rate of approximately 492 per day.Surviving WWII Veterans

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to personally know one of these amazing men or women, and our chances are really getting slim. Nowadays I guess you could say it would be a rare but precious moment if you cross paths with a Veteran who served in WWII.  Even more rare to cross paths with one who served in both the Korean War and WWII.

Well at Operation Soldier Care we have been blessed to have many of these rare and precious moments with one truly amazing man who we all are very proud to know.  He’s our very own Leonard Bellin, Jr.!

On Saturday, October 31st OSC had the honor to thank Len for his service to our country and present him with a U.S. Armed Forces Thank You coin. We are very grateful for his job well done as he served as a Sergeant in the Army Air Forces, which later then became the United States Air Forces.

Cake and punch were served during our packing session.

Len plays an inspiring role in our ministry as he volunteers time to serve our deployed soldiers by packing care packages. He pulls his weight and then some!  We are grateful to have him with us each packing session.

We are also grateful for what he and his generation of soldiers have done for our country. We know our country would be much different today if it were not for men like Len. Saying “thank you” just does not seem enough but it’s the least we could say to express our gratitude.

We ask OSC volunteers and our church family at First Baptist Church of Naples to pray for a safe trip for Len as he attends the next Collier County Honor Flight with fellow Veterans to Washington, D.C.  to visit those memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices.

Thank you Len and may God bless you and the Greatest Generation!









5 - Cert of Appreciation

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OSC 101 Packing For The Troops

OSC VolunteersOur 83 boxes from the September 19, 2015 packing, which was OSC’s 101th packing session, has successfully arrived to their destination.  With this shipment we supported 40 deployed soldiers. Of these, we had 34 Army and 6 Navy soldiers. Army still leads the way in care package requests.

Our shipment weighed in at 996 pounds at a total cost of $3,896.29. This amount covers not only the postage but the care package content and materials for packing; such as the miles of tape to seal the boxes securely for the long journey.

We distributed 78 care packages to soldiers stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The remaining 5 boxes were delivered to soldiers located in East Africa, Kosovo, and Kuwait.

Included in this shipment were 91 tracts/booklets and 40 hand written letters. The hand written notes and cards are always a big hit.

Be sure to read the thank you note post from SGT. Batson and U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Contracting Officer, Daniel Portillo’s letters. They happened to receive a handmade card from Emma in their boxes and thank her in return for caring about them. Way to go Emma!

I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, October 31st. This will be our 2nd to last packing for 2015.  We will have our final packing session on Saturday, November 28th.

Well as they say in the  Air Force  “Aim High … Fly, Fight, Win”,  and we shall continued support the troops and keep this ministry ball rolling.

God bless,




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Thank You from SGT Batson

US Army Corps of Engineers Thank YouTony,

On behalf of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan, we want to thank you for the care packages and your continued support. We have offices throughout Afghanistan and we have a very important mission to help rebuild this country.

We have been receiving your care packages on a monthly basis for the past few months now. It really puts a smile on our faces when we receive one of your packages. Every time we open the box, everyone stands around to see what is inside. It is always good quality food. We can’t ask for anything better as it is a tremendous morale booster!! The snacks and food do not last long at all as we eat everything in a matter of a few days. We really appreciate the time and effort that you and your members put in to making the care packages for us.

Please tell Emma that we received her thank you card and that we say thank you in return!! To the volunteers of Operation Soldier Care, the members and kids of First Baptist Church Naples, we want to show our appreciation (see attached photo). Thank you and God bless you all!!

Very Respectfully,

SGT Batson, T. M.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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Big Thank You from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Brother Tony,

Your gifts of provision and care arrived last week. We are so thankful for the generous gifts of provision that the Soldier Care ministry sent us. No words to repay your kindness. Our group took a picture to tell of you a Big Thank You!

As you face the attached photogram to your extreme left, on the first line is T. Le (holding the sign), then it is me, then N. Little, and F. Sanchez our Supervisor. Between me and Ms. Little is R. La Rosa, and by him is R. Horton. Next to Mr. Horton is E. Quinn, and next to her is LTC J. Davis, our Contracting Director. There are three members of our team that are not in the picture.

Thank God for your generosity and your commitment to the ministry that God placed in your hands.

I am redeploying back to the United States. My heart now has a special place in Florida because of your ministry. If you come to Texas, look me up.

Daniel Portillo
Contracting Officer
Directorate of Contracting
U.S. Army Corps of EngineersUS Army Corps of Engineers Thank You

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Len Bellin WWII and Korean War Veteran Supporting the Troops

One Amazing Veteran Serving Our Troops

Our United States Veterans are amazing men and women without a doubt. There are moments when you can truly be inspired by their deep love for country that is woven with love and respect towards fellow Veterans and active duty soldiers. Well I had one of those “inspired” moments today while I was with one amazing Veteran.

Packing Session 101

Veteran Len Bellin's note he included in one of the care packages in our 101th packing session.

Veteran Len Bellin’s note he included in one of the care packages in our 101th packing session.

This afternoon Operation Soldier Care had its 101th packing session and we were truly honored to have Len Bellin, 89, World War II and Korean War Veteran volunteer his time to come support our deployed soldiers. Len jumped in with heart and soul to help assemble care packages. He kept a steady packing pace until the final box was filled.

This packing session we had a total of 83 boxes. They will mainly ship to troops deployed in Afghanistan.

Towards the end of the packing session Len asked if he could drop a personal note into one of the boxes he had packed.  Of course I could not help but smile when I read the note he had placed into the care package. I also could not resist sharing his note with everyone to read too.

“I now salute you.”

Like I was saying — “United States Veterans are amazing men and women …..”, and Len Bellin is truly one amazing 89 year old Veteran. He inspired me and can inspire us all to remain true and humble to the men and women on the frontline.

God bless Len Bellin! God bless all of our Veterans! And God bless our troops — we salute you!


Blue Star Mother, Joan Colosimo with WWII and Korean War Veteran, Len Bellin

Blue Star Mother, Joan Colosimo with WWII and Korean War Veteran, Len Bellin

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OSC 100th Packing For The Troops

Kenny taking care of the assembly line

Kenny taking care of the assembly line

Most of our nation has totally forgotten our troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, but OSC supporters and volunteers have not. The troops are so grateful for all they receive, and that they are still being remembered as they serve in foreign territory.  Many serve with depleted supplies and few care packages from home. For this reason we cannot let them go forgotten…not now…not ever.



Our 89 boxes for the OSC 100th packing session have successfully been packed up and are in route to 44 deployed soldiers. Of these, we had 37 Army and 7 Navy soldiers. There were 37 male care package recipients and 7 female recipients. The estimated time of arrival is around August 20, 2015.

We included 24 bibles in selected soldier boxes. There were also some special specialty boxes that included much needed soap, shampoo, tooth paste and shaving cream for the troops. Certain supplies are tough to come by.  I can only imagine what life would be like without these essential items during a deployment. In the photo below you will see that Susan packed up our specialty boxes. These will truly be a blessing to those soldiers who requested these items from our OSC ministry.

This shipment weighed close to 1,100 pounds. We distributed 90% of the care packages to soldiers stationed in Afghanistan and the remaining boxes were delivered to soldiers located in East Africa, Iraq, Kosovo, Bahrain, Kuwait and Guantanamo Bay.

Susan packing our specialty boxes

Susan packing our specialty boxes

No matter where a soldier is deployed our OSC ministry mission remains the same. “We support the troops!”

I truly appreciate what our volunteers and supporters have done for the Operation Soldier Care ministry to help our soldiers and Marines. I cannot thank you enough for your continued support and your generosity.   Your donation impact has been enormous!  Let’s keep the ball rolling.

May the Lord bless everyone abundantly for your kindness!




Join us in our efforts to support the next three packing sessions in 2015. To contribute go to: Support The Troops


OSC Volunteers for shipping labels

The wonderful ladies who write our shipping labels and fill out custom forms

OSC Volunteers

Volunteers are all smiles when it comes to supporting our troops

Specialty supplies going out with this shipment

Specialty supplies going out with this shipment

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OSC 99th Packing For The Troops

OSC post office delivery run always makes for a fun day in the sun.

OSC post office delivery run always makes for a fun day in the sun.

Our 87 boxes from the OSC 99th packing session have successfully arrived to 39 deployed soldiers starting July 17, 2015! This shipment weighed close to 1,000 pounds! We distributed care packages to soldiers mainly stationed in Afghanistan.

As soldiers come home we are still adding new soldiers to our list.

The children at FBCN often create homemade cards for our troops to keep a smile on their faces. Here is one card that really caught my attention this packing session. I couldn’t agree more with little Matthew…… these men and women are my heroes too.

OSC soldier letter

Click image to enlarge

If you would like to help support with our 2015 care packages please go to our “Contribute” page to learn more.


Thank you so much and God bless!


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OSC 96th Packing for the Troops

Our 83 boxes from the OSC 96th Packing Session have successfully arrived to our 53 deployed soldiers! This shipment weighed in at 1,002 pounds! We distributed care packages to 44 Army, 7 Navy, 1 Marine, and 1 USAF deployed soldiers.

This March shipment marks another OSC milestone that pushed us to the 8,000 care package mark. Care Packages 2015 To give you a visual of how many care packages that really is just refer to my graph to get an idea of how many boxes that truly is. That’s pretty amazing!

What else is pretty amazing is that some our FBA students collected and donated items to fill 10 OSC care packages for the troops. This shipment was packed with some wonderful goodies that we know the soldiers and Marines will really enjoy. It just proves that no matter how old you are you can make a difference in the lives of our men and women serving our country. Thank you FBA kids! Great job!

FBA  class

First Baptist Academy Students helping Operation Soldier Care Ministry support our troops

As the warm months are ahead of our troops let’s continue to pray for our men and women in uniform and remain faithful the Lord will help each and everyone through their deployment.  As God’s word says, “Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.Matthew 18:19 NASB  We shall pray until the last soldier arrives safely home.

If you’d like to help support with our 2015 care packages please go to our “Contribute” page to learn more.

Thank you so much and God bless!


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Thank You from Captain Tim, USAF

Dear Tony,Thank you note

On behalf of the Regional Network Operations and Security Center Afghanistan (RNOSC-A) Systems section, I wanted to pass along our thanks for your continued support and care packages!! I’ve fairly recently returned home and now that I have a little time I figured I would write and say thanks. It was quite nice receiving your boxes and notes every couple of weeks. Our troops really enjoyed getting them and devouring everything! Please let your volunteers know that we really appreciate everything and that we are quite thankful for all that they’ve done and continue to do!

Thanks again!


Cpt. Tim, USAF

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Christmas Packing for the Troops

OSC Christmas StockingsOur 81 care packages from the OSC 94th packing session will begin to arrive a few days prior to the Christmas holiday to 40 deployed soldiers! We are praying that Santa successfully makes his 1,010 pound delivery by December 18th to our 33 Army, 6 Navy and 1 USAF deployed soldiers.

This shipment will be a big hit since we have included some holiday treats, handmade Christmas stockings and Christmas cards too.

We mailed out 617 beautiful handmade Christmas cards.  Of those cards, 427 were made by the FBCN Children’s Ministry and 190 Christmas cards were made by adults in Bible and Life Groups at FBCN. All of them were very well done and I know that the soldiers will really enjoy the creativity and uplifting messages for their Christmas celebration.

Christmas cardThe 50 handmade military-style Christmas stockings were crafted by Laverne Paul with the helping hands of Laura Paul. As you can see from the photos in our collage each were made with TLC and beautifully done. Great job ladies, and thank you for working behind the scenes to make our Christmas packing extra special for the troops!

We actually closed the December 2014 packing session by adopting our 1,100th soldier and are now at 1,104. It is in His name we give thanks and praise that we have been able to adopt and support soldiers and Marines year after year. I can’t thank everyone enough for their time, love, support, prayers and talent to help keep this ministry strong for our deployed soldiers.  We can now truly say that the OSC ministry has touched thousands of lives on the battlefield and it could not have been done without each and everyone of you, so THANK YOU!

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year too!

Thanks again and God Bless,


OCS Christmas collage

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